Miraculous: Get the first CultureFly mystery box

CultureFly is adding another mystery box to its collection. You can now get the Miraculous box, perfect for younger fans of the series.

Are you ready for another mystery box? Maybe you need one for your children. There’s some excellent news, as CultureFly has launched the Miraculous mystery crate.

Sales are now open for the new Miraculous crate. It’s packed with seven to 10 exclusive items that all connect to the kid-friendly superhero series.

The first theme revealed

The theme for the winter Miraculous box is “Be a Hero.” Chances are that the majority of items will be connected to Ladybug and Cat Noir. They are the main two characters on the series, after all.

Hopefully, there will be some sort of Ladybug yo-yo. That has to be one of the first items for the young fans of the series, right?

Like the other CultureFly mystery crates, expect vinyls, stationary, decals, accessories, and much more. As this is made for children, the items should be aimed more toward them although they can still be usable, especially the kitcheware.

Order the first Miraculous box now

You can place your orders for the box right now. It’s going to ship mid-December. For those in the U.S., that should mean the box arrives before Christmas. Based on experience outside of the States, it’s not going to arrive before the New Year internationally.

Don’t get this expecting it to be a Christmas present for your children. Get it as something extra for them.

You can get the box from as little as $26.99 per month. That’s if you get the annual subscription, so you pay upfront for four boxes and they’re all mailed out each quarter automatically.

If you want to get each box one at a time, you’ll pay $29.99 per month.

All the sizes are for children. After all, that’s who this box is for.

Tiki, spots on!

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Pre-order the new Miraculous box from CultureFly now.