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What happened to Morgan in Accused Season 1, Episode 12?

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Morgan faced possession charges in Accused Season 1, Episode 12. Did her ex-husband successfully frame her?

Morgan went the wrong way about leaving her husband. She chose to have an affair, and it’s no wonder her husband was angry about that. It didn’t help that he was abusive and powerful. He was able to pay people to frame her for a crime she didn’t commit.

During the episode, Morgan and her affair partner—yes, still affair partner even though this was after the separation—were pulled over by the police. The affair partner’s charges were eventually dropped, but Morgan was arrested for the possession and dealing of Class A drugs. Was she successfully framed, or did she prove her innocence?

Morgan’s story in Accused Season 1, Episode 12

It wasn’t easy to prove anything. Drugs weren’t just found in her son’s backpack in the car. They were also found in her house. Then there was a “witness” who claimed that she sold him drugs.

This was where Morgan and her lawyer were able to prove Morgan’s innocence. Morgan’s lawyer asked the “witness” about when Morgan would sell him the drugs. He claimed it was in the afternoon before picking her son up from school. That meant she was in her car.

So, what car did she drive? The “witness” couldn’t say, claiming it must have been a dark, very normal type of SUV.

That wasn’t the type of car Morgan drove at all. She had a bright yellow Porsche. If she was going to be selling drugs in that, everyone would know.

Morgan’s ex-husband got away with attempting to frame her, though. Instead, it was his brother who was arrested for that.

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