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Did Mouch die in the Chicago Fire Season 11 finale?

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Thank the world for renewals. The cliffhanger at the end of the Chicago Fire Season 11 finale will be resolved. Will it be in a positive way?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from the Chicago Fire Season 11 finale.

As usual, the three One Chicago shows left us with major cliffhangers. Lives were on the line in two of the shows, one of those being Chicago Fire.

After a dangerous call, Mouch was shot and rushed straight to the hospital. Things looked good at first and then it took a turn for the worst. As Herrmann went to visit Mouch, he noted that Mouch looked paler than before. Then he notice a small bit of blood coming through the sheets.

It was much worse underneath. Blood was pooling on the floor as Herrmann rushed to get help for his friend.

Is Christian Stolte leaving Chicago Fire?

It’s hard to say what’s going to happen. Christian Stolte took to Instagram to thank everyone for 11 years of the series, which does sound like a goodbye message. However, there is nothing official about him leaving. It’s possible that the message is there to keep us worrying throughout the writers strike. In fact, maybe he doesn’t fully know if his character is going to live or die considering work on Season 12 hasn’t started yet.

The latter is unlikely. Surely he would know if he’s coming back or not.

We’re left in a similar situation to a few years ago when Otis was left out of the room as a fire burned heavily. We had no idea if he would live or die, but he was included in the key art for the next season. We felt a little comfortable that he would survive only for him to be killed off in the Chicago Fire Season 8 premiere.

Could we have another situation like that? Let’s hope not! Especially not with the long wait we have on our hands for the next season.

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What did you think of the finale? What do you expect to see happen with Mouch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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