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Is Mrs. Bug really dead in Outlander?

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Outlander Season 7 brought us another casualty. It’s all about Mrs. Bug. Is she really dead, or will we see her return?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from Outlander Season 7, Episode 3

There are some characters we wished we could get to know better. Outlander’s Bugs are certainly those characters. They clearly had a hard life, and they were 100% loyal to each other all the way to the end. It just led to them biting the hand that fed them, so to speak.

Young Ian really had no choice when it came to killing Mrs. Bug. Of course, he didn’t want to, but it was kill or be killed in a sense.

Is she really dead, though? Is there a chance that we’ll see her return this season?

Arch plots revenge in Outlander

That really is the end for Mrs. Bug. There is no coming back from that death. The only way we’ll see her again is as a ghost or some sort of dream if Young Ian struggles with his actions. It’s unlikely that he will, though.

All this has led to a much bigger storyline. Arch has made it clear that he plans to get revenge. He won’t kill Young Ian, though. That’s too easy. He wants Ian to feel the pain that he feels. Remember, his wife was everything to him. The Bugs didn’t (couldn’t) have children. They chose each other through everything in life, so they were 100% loyal to each other.

Arch is a patient man. He will wait for Ian to fall in love, and then he will take that love from Ian. Will it work out that way? If you’d have asked back in Outlander Season 6, everyone would have probably said no. He was struggling with everything that happened with Emily and the Mohawk. However, he’s moved forward in his life, and that means there’s a new love interest to come. Ian will need to do everything he can to protect her.

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