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Did Nancy and Ace end up together in Nancy Drew?

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One of the biggest questions for the Nancy Drew series finale was whether Nancy and Ace would end up together. Did they break their curse?

Just as Nancy Drew put Nace together, they were separated by a death curse. We then found out that the show would have one more season to tell the story, and we thought that would involve a lot of time figuring out the curse.

That’s not the way it worked, though. Instead, the focus was on the Sin Eater and the Drew Crew working together to save Horseshoe Bay from the sins of its past. We got a lot on soul mates and reincarnation, and all of that came to a head in the series finale.

Nancy, Ace, and Tristan found themselves in a dream world of sorts, giving Nancy and Tristan the chance to untangle their souls. As Nancy learned the full truth of her past life, her soul started to be destroyed. Ace remained behind to make sure Nancy got out, damaging both of their souls.

Did the curse break in Nancy Drew?

With the town of Horseshoe Bay saved, the Drew Crew could go their separate ways. Bess told Nancy that the damage to her soul meant that Nancy could never reincarnate again. Ace won’t be able to either.

Well, Ace went off to do some soul-searching while he was at a memorial, which is when he decided that he was done living in fear. He applied to colleges all over to get into med school, and he made it clear that he wanted to be with Nancy.

What about the curse? He thinks that the damage done to their souls will have been enough to break the curse. Temperance was strong, but she wasn’t all-powerful. She also didn’t know the future and that the two would end up trapped in some alternate world where their souls would be damaged beyond repair. He’s only 50% certain the curse is gone, but it’s enough for the two of them to choose each other.

Oh, and we got to finally find out Ace’s last name. He’s a Hardy, which is a great nod to another mystery series.

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