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Is Nancy Drew canceled or renewed for Season 5?

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Nancy Drew Season 4 has finally premiered, and we get to see if Nancy can end the curse. What comes next, though? Will the series end?

We have 12 more episodes of Nancy Drew Season 4 to enjoy. The premiere aired on Wednesday, May 31, and we’ve jumped straight into the current supernatural situation. It’s all about the curse.

When Nancy learned that Ace would die if they got together, she decided to break Ace’s heart. Wouldn’t it have been better to just tell him and everyone the truth? That truth is going to come out, and they could all work together to bring an end to the curse.

Of course, the premiere has made it clear that people can move on. There are new love interests for Nancy and Ace.

Will Nancy Drew Season 5 happen?

With 13 episodes to Season 4, it may seem like there isn’t enough time to cover everything that should happen in the story. Will there be a fifth season?

Sadly not. After renewing the show, The CW confirmed that it would be the final season. This has given the writers time to put together an ending to the series. Whether Nace is endgame or not is another thing, but there is an ending coming to the story.

It’s probably a good thing that it was given a final season. Just look at what is going on with Nexstar taking over. So far, only All American and Walker have been renewed.

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