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Are Nate and Bronwyn together in One of Us Is Lying Season 2?

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Hands up if you’re a Natewyn shipper. Here’s how things ended for the couple on One of Us Is Lying Season 2.

During One of Us Is Lying Season 1, we saw Natewyn play out the way we expected based on the book*. The two were complete opposites, but they worked. And then, at the very end, Nate decided not to be with Bronwyn.

Why? Well, the book gives the reason pretty quickly. We don’t get that reasoning until the second season of the series. The good news is that it’s the same reasoning, but do we get to see the ship play out the way it did in the book?

Is Natewyn endgame in One of Us Is Lying Season 2?

The season started with some clear tension between them. They are not together anymore, but it’s clear that both of them are still interested in each other. They want to be together, but they have some bad timing.

At one point, Simon Says tells Nate to kiss his tutor, Fiona, in front of everyone. That includes Bronwyn. While she accepts that Nate has to do this, she’s not happy that it was a real kiss. It’s even worse that Nate and Fiona end up kissing at the restaurant without Simon Says telling them to do it.

In the end, Nate decides he can’t keep hooking up with Fiona. He wants Bronwyn, and he needs to be a better man for her. The two do get back together, and things look pretty smooth sailing for a while. Do things stay that way?

When we learn Fiona is Simon Says, the truth comes out. Fiona tells Bronwyn that Nate kissed her at the restaurant. After that, Nate comes clean. Bronwyn doesn’t care. Almost dying has made her see life a little more clearly. She isn’t going to let the kisses between Nate and Fiona change things for her and Nate.

Only she wants no more secrets and lies. That’s a fair request, but can they both stick to it?

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What did you think about the way things went for Natewyn? What do you hope to see for the two if One of Us Is Lying Season 3 happens? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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