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NBC cancels Manifest after 3 seasons: Will Netflix save Manifest?

NBC is making some disappointing decisions right now, and the latest is in the form of Manifest’s cancellation. Will Netflix save Manifest?

It’s a decision we didn’t quite see coming. The live ratings were lower than Season 2, but they weren’t terrible. In fact, Manifest had performed better than New Amsterdam and The Blacklist during the 2020–2021 season, and that was with a night change, a time change, and a heavily delayed start. Everything was working against this show, and it still performed well for the overall network.

And yet, it wasn’t good enough for NBC. The Peacock network is making room for new shows in its slate, and that means the end of the supernatural drama smack-bang in the middle of its intended six-season run.

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Will Netflix save Manifest?

Our eyes are now on whether the show can be saved or not. According to TVLine, showrunner Jeff Rake wants to see the show saved. After all, he wants to see it go the full six seasons.

The series recently went to Netflix. Just days ago, the first two seasons were made available on Netflix and immediately took off. It remains in the Top 10 across the world, suggesting that fans want to see this show saved. Now it’s going to be up to Netflix (or another streaming service) to pick it up.

Admittedly, it does look like NBC had hoped Netflix would save the series. After all, it’s been just two days since the show hit Netflix, suggesting that NBC had the idea to cancel it there and then.

There are a few things to do now to help save the series. The first is #SaveNetflix on social media to make it clear that fans want the series to be saved. The second is to watch the series on Netflix to make it clear that you want this. Be loud like fans were with Lucifer and that way, there is a chance.

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What questions do you have left over after the Manifest Season 3 finale? What do you think of NBC’s decision? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Manifest is available to stream on Netflix.