NBC sets new schedule for fall 2023

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The new fall 2023 schedule for NBC is here. This one takes into account the strike action, but is still filled with scripted dramas.

With the strike action still going on, the networks have been forced to pivot from their fall ideas. NBC and CBS were the two that needed to pivot the most, after attempting to bring back a normal fall schedule.

NBC has finally released its plans for fall 2023. There aren’t any shows being pulled from streaming platforms to fill in the gaps. Nor are there many extra unscripted offerings. The plan is to still bring a good mixture of content, even if it means reruns.

Yes, there are some reruns. Wednesdays and Thursdays will start with reruns from Dick Wolf programming. It’s arguably a bad idea considering what we saw for Magnum PI Season 5 on Sundays in the spring, but its up to the Peacock network.

Quantum Leap, Transplant, and more coming in fall 2023

The schedule will still see a couple of original scripted dramas head to the network. Quantum Leap* Season 2 may be the surprising one of the lot, as it’s a returning show. However, this is one of those shows that started writing and filming early. After its renewal back in December, the writers room got straight to work and filming started in February or March. That’s led to around seven episodes being ready for us to watch before all production had to stop.

Meanwhile, we’ll see Magnum PI Season 5B. Originally, this show was going to be held for the midseason, but we always knew there was a chance that it could be pulled forward due to the strike. It will be the final season of the series.

We’ll also see the third season of Canadian medical drama Transplant. Again, it was originally held for the midseason, but it’s being pulled forward due to the strike. Don’t worry too much about this one as the series has already landed a fourth season in Canada.

There are also new dramas Found and The Irrational coming, as well as episodes of America’s Got Talent and The Voice.

NBC fall 2023 schedule

Here’s a look at the full fall schedule for the network.

Mondays from Sept. 25

8 p.m.: The Voice

10 p.m.: The Irrational

Tuesdays from Sept. 26

8 p.m.: The Voice

9 p.m.: America’s Got Talent (performance finale)

Wednesdays from Sept. 27

8 p.m.: America’s Got Talent rerun

9 p.m.: America’s Got Talent season finale

Thursdays from Sept. 28

8 p.m.: People’s Choice Country Awards

10 p.m.: The Irrational rerun

Fridays from Sept. 29

9 p.m.: Dateline NBC

Tuesdays from Oct. 3

8 p.m.: The Voice

10 p.m.: Found

Wednesdays from Oct. 4

8 p.m.: One Chicago reruns

9 p.m.: Quantum Leap Season 2

10 p.m.: Magnum PI Season 5B

Thursdays from Oct. 5

8 p.m.: Law & Order reruns

9 p.m.: Transplant Season 3

10 p.m.: Dateline NBC

Fridays from Nov. 3

8 p.m.: The Wall

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What are you watching on NBC when the shows return? What do you think of this schedule? Share your thoughts in the comments below.