NBC midseason 2022 schedule: This Is Us, Kenan, and more

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The This Is Us final season, Kenan, and the Law and Order revival are all part of the NBC midseason 2022 schedule. Let’s take a look at what we can expect.

We start with the Law & Order revival. The new series is going to air on Thursdays, giving us a full night of Law & Order. However, it does mean a night change for The Blacklist. The Blacklist is moving to Fridays, where it was supposed to be throughout fall 2021. Fans will remember that Law & Order: For the Defense was going to air on Thursdays to kick off Law & Order Thursdays, but the show was canceled.

NBC is heading back to the plan to bring a full night of Law & Order shows. It won’t start until after the Winter Olympics, so we’re waiting until Thursday, Feb. 24. The Blacklist will keep the timeslot in January when it returns from winter break on Thursday, Jan. 6.

The final season of This Is Us is also on the midseason schedule. That is getting a January timeslot, although there will be a break for the Olympic Games. Once the Games are done, there won’t be any other breaks in the schedule. Watch the show starting Tuesday, Jan. 4 at 9/8c. La Brea is airing its season finale in December, keeping things contained with a shorter season order.

After a fall with no comedies, NBC is going back to a comedy block in the midseason. It all starts with two episodes of Kenan back to back on Mondays. This is an usual night for comedies on the network, clearly trying to compete against CBS’s comedy night.

There is an even more unusual comedy block. Starting Tuesday, Jan. 4, there will be an hour comedy block to start the night with freshman comedies American Auto and Grand Crew. Other comedies will follow in subsequent months.

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NBC midseason 2022 schedule

All the new shows are marked with the asterisks.

Sunday, Jan. 2

Sunday Night Football continues

Monday, Jan. 3

8 p.m.: Kenan Season 2 premiere
8:30 p.m.: Kenan
9 p.m.: That’s My Jam (timeslot premiere)
10 p.m.: Ordinary Joe return

Tuesday, Jan. 4

8 p.m.: American Auto*
8:30 p.m.: Grand Crew*
9 p.m.: This Is Us Season 6 premiere
10 p.m.: NEw Amsterdam return

Wednesday, Jan. 5

8 p.m.: Chicago Med return
9 p.m.: Chicago Fire return
10 p.m.: Chicago PD return

Thursday, Jan. 6

8 p.m.: The Blacklist return
9 p.m.: Law & Order: SVU return
10 p.m.: Law & Order: Organized Crime return

Friday, Jan. 7

9 p.m.: Dateline return

Saturday, Jan. 8

9 p.m.: Dateline
10 p.m.: SNL vintage

Post-Olympics schedule

Monday, Feb. 21

8 p.m.: American Song Contest*
10 p.m.: The Endgame*

Tuesday, Feb. 22

8 p.m.: American Auto return
8:30 p.m.: Grand Crew return
9 p.m.: This Is Us return
10 p.m.: New Amsterdam return

Wednesday, Feb. 22

8 p.m.: Chicago Med return
9 p.m.: Chicago Fire return
10 p.m.: Chicago PD return

Thursday, Feb. 24

8 p.m.: Law & Order revival premiere*
9 p.m.: Law & Order: SVU return
10 p.m.: Law & Order: Organized Crime return

Friday, Feb. 25

8 p.m.: The Blacklist new timeslot
9 p.m.: Dateline

Tuesday, March 8

10 p.m.: The Things About Pam series premiere*

Tuesday, March 15

8 p.m.: Young Rock Season 2 premiere
8:30 p.m.: Mr. Mayor Season 2 premiere

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What are you looking forward to returning on NBC? Which new show will you be watching? Share your thoughts in the comments below.