CBS makes a decision about the NCIS franchise for 2022–2023

The renewal and cancellation updates are starting to come in. CBS has made a decision about all three NCIS shows on air right now.

There have been a fair few changes to the NCIS franchise lately. While Los Angeles remained pretty steady although did see Hetty take more of a step back and saw a couple of characters lead, the main show saw some major changes. It moved night and timeslot, and then Mark Harmon was only in a handful of episodes.

Losing Gibbs could have been catastrophic for the series. However, the show made it work, especially bringing in Gary Cole as a leader who is extremely different to Gibbs.

The change of night has affected the ratings, but the delayed ratings look good. It was also a good move to offer a strong lead-in for the new spinoff Hawaii.

CBS renews all three NCIS shows

CBS has announced good news for all three shows for the 2022–2023 season. All three are renewed for another year.

NCIS Season 20, NCIS: LA Season 14, and NCIS: Hawaii Season 2 are all confirmed. The renewals aren’t all too surprising, but we’re happy to hear them. The shows remain popular for the network. While Los Angeles has seen a small dip, it does remain steady for Sunday nights. Los Angeles will air its 300th episode on May 8. We had worried that the net work would decide to end with that milestone, but it’s all good news at this point.

The three shows are among the first dramas to be renewed by the network. All others have been comedies, including the freshman comedy Ghosts.

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Which of the three shows is your favorite? What do you think about the renewal news? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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