Will CBS cancel or renew NCIS: LA for Season 12?

CBS hasn’t made many decisions on the future of TV shows. NCIS: LA remains with an uncertain fate. Will CBS cancel or renew NCIS: LA Season 12?

Our eyes are on the futures of our favorite shows. Today, we’re looking at the CBS series NCIS: LA. Will CBS cancel or renew NCIS: LA Season 12?

There is a strong chance that NCIS: LA Season 12 will happen. While it’s not one of the best performing shows, it’s one of the shows that has been around the longest and remains in the middle of all CBS shows. Considering the strong base that it already has, there’s no reason to think that CBS will cancel the show. If the network was going to cancel any of the NCIS shows, New Orleans would be the likely one due to performing the worst this season.

While NCIS: LA has lost 16% of its demo and almost 10% of its audience, it still sits in 13th place out of 26 TV shows. It remains a strong performer on Sundays, even during the football season. Considering Madam Secretary was allowed to continue until it became the lowest-performing series, I doubt we’ll say goodbye to Callen, Sam, and the rest of the team.

CBS could surprise us

Of course, CBS could surprise us with another unexpected decision. I’ll admit that God Friended Me‘s cancellation was not one I expected to happen. The series is one of the stronger shows on the network when all are concerned and yet CBS wasn’t happy with the performance. However, that is a show just in its sophomore season, which will have affected the decision. It doesn’t have the following that NCIS: LA does.

That being said, God Friended Me‘s cancellation reminds us not to get too complacent. There’s far more that goes into a cancellation and renewal decision than the live ratings. CBS looks at the streaming and DVR ratings.

My gut tells me that NCIS: LA Season 12 is going to happen. Considering we won’t get the season finale planned for this year, I hope to see Season 12 confirmed soon.

What do you think of the NCIS shows? Would you like NCIS: LA Season 12 to happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

NCIS: LA airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS. Catch up on CBS All Access.