Will Netflix add a cheaper ad-supported subscription?

Multiple streaming platforms are adding cheaper ad-supported subscriptions. Will Netflix follow suit and test out something for those looking to pay less?

Disney+ and HBO Max are two streamers that have opted to release ad-supported subscriptions. These are cheaper than the main options previously offered, and give those who want access to the content but can’t afford the monthly costs a plausible option.

They’re not the only streamers with free or cheaper options. Peacock TV has a free option that is ad-supported, and The CW viewers can watch The CW App for free but will need to sit through the ads.

Could Netflix choose to offer a layer? Would it help to keep people engaged with the rest of costs around us rising?

Netflix probably won’t offer cheaper, ad-supported subscriptions

Right now, there’s no need for Netflix to offer anything cheaper. This is the most popular subscription service out there. It’s been around the longest, constantly focused on bringing what viewers are asking for before they really ask for it. Remember when it just sent out DVDs?

The streamer also has more original content than other subscription services. Look at the amount of content that arrives on Netflix each month compared to the content that arrives to Disney+, HBO Max, and even Prime Video.

More content costs more. That’s why the prices for the big streamer have gone up in recent years. However, it’s clear that the platform tries to keep costs to a minimum since they don’t go up every single year.

We’ve not seen the streamer follow the pattern of weekly releases. This is despite some of the weekly releases being the most talked-about shows. Look at how the following for the likes of Euphoria, Yellowjackets, and The Boys gained throughout their season runs—well, that’s what the streamers tell us as we don’t get to see those sorts of numbers.

If we’re not seeing a move from the binge-watch release, why will we see it move to a cheaper ad-supported layer?

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Would you like to see a cheaper layer? Would you watch ads to pay less? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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