Netflix finally confirms Cursed cancellation

Cursed is canceled. That’s the official word that’s come from Netflix, but we knew that deep down, didn’t we?

When Cursed came out in July 2020, we had some high hopes. It was in the middle of the pandemic, which meant people were at home and watching Netflix. It also brought a retelling of a popular legend, this time focusing on the Lady of the Lake.

Fantasy shows tend to do well on Netflix. Just look at the likes of Shadow and Bone and The Witcher. However, that wasn’t the case for Cursed. After a lot of silence, we figured that the show had been canceled, but it took quite a while for Netflix to confirm it.

The confirmation came on Friday, July 9. Cursed is officially a one-and-done show.

Cursed ($)

Will Cursed find a new home?

When you hear that a show you liked has been canceled, you naturally want to know if it can be saved. Is there a chance that this fantasy drama will be picked up by another streaming platform or even a broadcast network?

Don’t count on it. The time between the first season and the official news has been too long. Actors will have moved on, and there were rumors at the end of 2020 that the sets and props had been auctioned off.

On top of that, saving a Netflix show is trickier than saving a broadcast show. There are usually stipulations in the contracts that prevent the shows from going to another streaming service for a few years. By the time that time has passed, it’s too late to give the show another chance.

Sadly, this is a series that is one-and-done. At least we finally got the official confirmation. We’re still waiting for that for The Innocents!

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Cursed is available to stream on Netflix.