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5 burning questions for Locke and Key Season 2

Locke and Key Season 1 delivered a powerful ending with plenty of questions. While we wait for confirmation of a second season, here are our top questions.

While Netflix is still to make a decision on the future of the supernatural horror Locke and Key, the ending of the first season has made us want and need more. There are many questions that have arisen. We’re breaking those questions down to the most important ones that need answering in Locke and Key Season 2.

Of course, being an adaptation of a comic series, it’s possible to get many of the answers from there. However, we won’t spoil anything for those who are just watching the show. Just be aware that there are spoilers from the last episode of Locke and Key Season 1.

5. How will everyone learn they locked Ellie away in the prison?

At the end of Locke and Key Season 1, we learned that the Dodge the group put into the prison wasn’t the reason Dodge. It was Ellie, who Dodge and transformed to look like her. It was a great plan to make sure Dodge got out of, well, dodge, but it opens up a world of questions for the second season.

People are going to notice Ellie is missing. And there’s absolutely no way that Ellie would leave Rufus to fend for himself. Her adopted son was her world, and she was willing to do whatever it took to protect him. There are going to be questions about why she would just leave.

Is this one of the ways the Locke siblings will figure out the truth? Will Gabe and Eden give something away that makes it clear they’re the demons and that the Locke siblings made a mistake?

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4. How will the Locke siblings get Ellie back?

Once the siblings do realize that they’ve locked the wrong person away, they’re going to need to get Ellie back. This is going to be much easier said than done. After all, the prison is designed to keep demons locked in, and Ellie knew that. The fear on her face as she realized what was happening made it clear that she knew if the door was shut, there was absolutely no way she was getting back out.

If she does get out, it’s likely going to be through one of those demon bullets. That means she’ll possess someone else, instead of being who she really is. Of course, with the right key, she could transform her look back like Dodge did to become Lucas and Gabe, but it’s still not exactly her is it? Would Ellie really want to possess another person?

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3. Is there a way to save Eden?

We now know that Eden has been possessed by one of the demons. This is what happened to Lucas and led to Dodge getting loose. The group of friends in the past had to kill Lucas to stop the demon. Nobody has brought up whether someone could avoid being possessed in the first place.

Now we have Eden, who nobody knows is a demon just yet. It probably won’t take too long for them to figure this out in Locke and Key Season 2, but then there’s the question of what to do next? Despite Eden being a terrible person at times, she doesn’t deserve to die. So, the Keeper of the Keys will need to find a way to save her. Is that even possible? Is there a way to get the demons out?

2. Are there any more keys?

Then there’s the fact that we seem to have all the keys. However, nobody has really said just how many keys there are. Have the Locke siblings really found them all? Could there be more hidden around that could cause more trouble with two demons on the loose?

The show may also want to go into why the Locke family has the whisperings. Nobody else seems to have them and Dodge made it clear that it’s only the Lockes that she can’t take the keys from. Why them? It’s clearly something to do with the house, but what happened in the past to create this?

1. What will Dodge and the new demon do now?

Locke and Key Season 1 set up the storyline for the second season. Dodge and the new demon will want to hatch a plan for their next moves. It’s never quite been clear what Dodge wanted in the first place, but it’s likely something to do with releasing all the demons from the prison. Is this what she and the new demon will work towards?

Being two of the new Keepers of the Keys, it’s certainly a smart move. The two have the chance to collect all the right keys to open that door again. Of course, that would mean letting Ellie out too.

If it’s not to let the demons out, what could the plan be? What is it that these demons want to achieve in the end?

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What are your big questions for Locke and Key Season 2? What do you hope to learn? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Locke and Key Season 1 is available on Netflix.