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5 Netflix Originals to definitely watch in December 2019

There are some excellent Netflix Originals heading our way in December. Getting a little overwhelmed? Here are the five to focus on right away.

It’s natural to be overwhelmed by the many Netflix Originals heading our way in December. There are 53 original series and movies by my count. Yes, you read that number right! Netflix has upped its game in the originals department, but that can leave a lot of content to get through during the month.

You need help to keep the overwhelming nature to a minimum. That’s what we’re here for. Here are five to get started with, making sure you watch them as soon as they’re released.

5. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

Let’s start with a Christmas movie, and it’s none other than the third installment of the Christmas Prince movies. The Royal Baby is on his or her way, but there’s a treaty to sign first. When the treaty goes missing, there’s a risk of a curse over the soon-to-be-born baby. Can Amber and her friend work together to prevent it?

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4. Marriage Story

Marriage Story stars Adam Driver and Scarlet Johannson. It’s a movie that isn’t going to bring too many positive Christmas feelings, but it’s a movie you need to check out regardless. It’s a story of love, family, and communication. Driver and Johannson are a stage director and actress struggling with a divorce that crosses the country. As they turn to creative extremes, their friends and family members are forced to choose sides.

3. V-Wars

It’s time for the vampire series of the year. Ian Somerhalder stars as Dr. Luther Swann in V-Wars. This time he’s not the vampire, but he is looking for ways to reverse the vampire virus that is spreading. When his friend is infected, he has to choose a side in the upcoming war between vampires and humans. Which side will he choose and is there any hope for humanity?

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2. 6 Underground

Need a vigilante thriller movie? Okay, it’s not the most Christmasy material to watch, but you know that sometimes you need to step away from Christmas. This is also a Ryan Reynolds movie, so you know it’s going to be good. Well, nothing can be as terrible as The Green Lantern, right? 6 Underground follows six individuals who fake their deaths and form a squad in an effort to take down the most notorious criminals.

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1. The Witcher

We finish with one of the Netflix Originals coming at the end of the month. The Witcher is the highly anticipated series based on the fantastical novels starring Superman‘s Henry Cavill. And there’s no doubt that it should be on your list to watch. In fact, it’s likely been on your list of things to watch from the beginning of the year when we first learned about it.

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What are you planning on watching on Netflix in December? Which Netflix Originals are the must-watch for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.