Should Netflix save Black Lightning?

Black Lightning is coming to an end after its upcoming fourth season. Should Netflix step in and save the superhero series?

Just before the weekend, we learned Black Lightning Season 4 would be the last. There is going to be now fifth season, with the series coming to an end just as the Painkiller spin-off has been picked up.

We’re not done with this story though, are we? This is one of those shows that deserves more time, so should Netflix pick up Black Lightning?

Why Netflix and not somewhere else?

Okay, maybe Amazon Prime Video or Hulu could step in, but it’s most likely to be Netflix out of all of them. Netflix already airs the seasons of Black Lightning after the finales. Fans have had the chance to binge-watch the previous three seasons and the fourth season will be available once the (now) series finale airs.

So, it makes the most sense for Netflix to save the show from cancellation. Will that happen though?

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Black Lightning will get an ending

The only benefit to this early cancellation news is that the writers have the time to bring the story to a close. There’s plenty of time to rejig whatever the current ending is planned to make it a series finale.

This could lead to Netflix not being able to pick up the series even if it wanted to. There might not be a way to keep the story going. Just look at how Supernatural and The 100 ended, making it near impossible to bring the characters back and tell another tale with them.

Plus, if the ending is done well, there will be no need to bring the show back.

It’s not like we won’t have this universe continuing. Painkiller is set in the same world, although will follow Khalil Payne instead of the Jefferson family. There is a chance for some of the characters to pop up if needed, but only if they work for the story.

We’ll get to know a little more about the spin-off during Episode 7 of Black Lightning Season 4. That’s when the backdoor pilot will air.

A lot of the original Arrowverse shows are coming to an end, and yes, this show was put into the Arrowverse thanks to Crisis on Infinite Earths. The CW is looking to move onto the next generation of superheroes, which does help to avoid superhero overwhelm on the network, and so far, the shows are ending without a way to bring them back. This could happen here.

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Would you like to see Netflix save the Jefferson family? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Black Lightning Season 4 premieres on Feb. 8 at 9/8c on The CW.