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Could Netflix save The Winchesters?

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We would love to see more of The Winchesters. The series is being shopped around, but could Netflix pick it up?

Every now and then, a canceled show is saved. Magnum PI was saved by NBC last year. The same network saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine a few years ago after FOX canceled it abruptly. The Expanse was saved by Amazon, while Netflix has saved Lucifer and Manifest in the past. What about the Supernatural prequel?

While the series was canceled by The CW, it is being shopped around. The chances are slim, but we are looking at the best home for the show. Netflix could be it.

Could The Winchesters go to Netflix?

Netflix makes a lot of sense. It is already the home of Supernatural. Okay, that is a temporary home. It comes from the former CW/Netflix deal and eventually, the show will leave the streamer. However, a longer contract could be negotiated.

As for right now, Netflix is the home of the parent show. Wouldn’t it make sense to see the prequel spin-off head there too? This would keep the fanbase in one place instead of multiple streamers splitting them.

Plus, Netflix is international. The U.S. live ratings may not have been strong enough to save the show, but what about the views internationally? Putting the show on Netflix would mean a bigger audience that could be considered, and we know how beneficial that can be. After all, it was the international audience that helped to save The Expanse and Lucifer.

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The Winchesters* is currently available to stream on HBO Max in the U.S. and on the CTV App in Canada.