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Get your first look at Netflix’s Stateless coming in July

Netflix still has plenty of new content to come throughout the summer. Stateless is one new arrival, and now you can get your first look.

While broadcast networks are struggling for new content, streaming services still have plenty to come. That’s certainly the case for Netflix, which has released the first-look photos of its new limited series, Stateless.

The new series will follow the lives of four strangers all connected by one immigration detention center. That one center is in the middle of the Australia desert, so there’s nowhere to run. However, it sounds like the detention center could be a place of safety for some of them, despite the poor treatment and struggles within.

The Handmaid’s Tale‘s Yvonne Strahovski is one of the leads on the series, starring as an air hostess who is running away from a cult. Jai Courtney, Asher Keddie, Fayssal Bazzi, Dominic West, and Cate Blanchett also star. The other three strangers are an afghan refugee on the run from persecution, a bureaucrat who is trying to keep a state scandal under wraps, and a young father who wants to get away from a dead-end job. All four have led different lives in the past, but they have all fallen on common hard times in the present.

Check out the images that Netflix has released:

Stateless is a limited series

Something to point out is that this drama is a limited series, with the story told over six episodes. There’s only going to be one season, like I-Land and Hollywood. While there are chances that a second season could be ordered, it’s unlikely considering how it’s been initially set up.

The good thing about it being a limited series is that there’s going to be a wrapped up ending. We’ll get a chance to see if our four strangers will achieve their dreams out of the immigration detention center.

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What do you think about the sound of Stateless? Which shows are you excited to see on Netflix? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Stateless will be on Netflix on July 8, 2020.