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Could Netflix save Walker Independence?

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Eyes are on whether Walker Independence can be saved or not. Could it head to Netflix? Is there a chance that it will be saved?

It may be a pretty slim change, but never say “neverer.” Streamers have saved shows in the past, so Walker Independence could be picked up after being canceled by The CW. It was one of the stronger shows on the network in the live ratings and appeals to a wide audience.

So, will the series find a new home? Could Netflix be that home? We’re looking at why it could make sense for Netflix to save the Walker prequel spin-off series.

Is Walker Independence going to Netflix?

One thing that works against Netflix right now is that it doesn’t currently have either this show or the parent show Walker. Both head to HBO Max. However, this is a small blip.

Supernatural is on the streamer. Jared Padalecki fans will have followed him from Supernatural to Walker and then watched Independence as he helped develop it. There are other Supernatural team members involved.

The show itself could appear to audiences on Netflix. This is a streamer that has a YA following, and that’s what Independence really is. It’s a YA version of a western. Yet, it also still appeals to some older viewers. On top of that, Netflix isn’t only just relying on U.S. ratings. This is an international streaming platform so would benefit from the international views.

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Walker Independence* is currently available to stream on HBO Max in the U.S. and on Stack TV in Canada.