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New Amsterdam: It’s time for Max and Helen to get together!

It didn’t take long for New Amsterdam to make it clear that Max and Helen have chemistry. The latest episode makes it clear that they should be together.

We saw the chemistry between Max and Helen a long time ago in New Amsterdam. However, during the first episode, Max was with his pregnant wife and wanted to be with her and the baby. We didn’t want to see the two of them break up and definitely didn’t want to see Max have an affair. So, we didn’t really push a relationship between Max and Helen.

However, things changed with the New Amsterdam Season 2 premiere. With Georgia gone, a world of possibilities opened. Of course, as a grieving widower, we had to give things time. There was a lot of other storylines going on around the hospital, so once again, Helen and Max’s chemistry was put on the backburner.

It’s time to consider this relationship

During the most recent episode, titled “Perspectives,” Helen found a way to deal with Castro. After calling her out on falsifying data, Helen had to figure out what the next step was going to be. She needed to find a way to get Castro out of the hospital but did want the trial to go ahead. She offered to help Castro make the false data harder to track, but on one condition.

Castro has stepped down as chair of Oncology. It opens up the possibility for Helen to take the position back.

That’s great, but it also opens up something else. At the very end of the episode, Max wanted to know what was going on, why Helen was supporting the idea of Castro stepping down to focus on the clinical trial. And so she said that she would do anything for Max.

Then there was that moment. The two were opposite each other in Max’s office. They were just inches away and Max touched his wedding ring.

It’s clear that Max is struggling to deal with moving on after the loss of Georgia. There’s a lot of guilt and a lot of questions about whether he should be happy or not. Right now, he’s with a woman who completely understands that. And yes, there’s a little chemistry, but it’s nothing like that between Max and Helen.

New Amsterdam: Season One

But they work together

One thing holding them back is the fact that they work together. More than that, Max is Helen’s boss. It opens a whole can of worms and one that Max and Helen probably don’t even want to consider opening.

Sure, we’ve seen the likes of Grey’s Anatomy offer storylines of subordinates dating their bosses. That doesn’t mean it’s allowed to happen. Nor does it mean other TV shows should follow suit. However, Max and Helen have this undeniable chemistry that makes us scream at them to kiss already.

Plus, they are both respectful of each other’s positions and knowledge. They are at great points in their careers (ignoring Helen’s recent demotion thanks to the arrest and Castro’s involvement). This isn’t a case of an intern or resident dating an attending and potentially ruining a career or two.

Right now, Max is unavailable again. How long will that last?

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New Amsterdam airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.