New Amsterdam Season 3 won’t premiere until 2021

If you were looking forward to seeing Dr. Max Goodwin in the fall, there’s some disappointing news. New Amsterdam has been pushed to 2021.

We’ve got some bad news for those waiting for New Amsterdam Season 3. The new season isn’t going to premiere in the fall as originally planned. We’re going to have to wait until 2021.

The change comes as filming for the majority of fall shows hasn’t started yet. The coronavirus pandemic continues to put everything on hold. Many shows are looking to return to filming this month, but there’s no guarantee that filming won’t be halted partway through.

With New Amsterdam filming in New York, which was the hardest area hit in the U.S. in March, show staff and NBC have decided it’s safer not to keep the pressure on for a fall return date. The show will premiere sometime in 2021, likely around January or February.

Only a handful of fall NBC shows will return

NBC had decided to be optimistic about fall, similar to CBS and ABC. However, that optimism hasn’t paid off. Many networks have had to rethink their options, bringing acquisitions and streaming shows to the airwaves instead.

Only a handful of NBC shows are set to return in the fall, according to Deadline. Of those shows, only one is set to premiere in October. Superstore Season 6 looks like it can run from Oct. 22, but the rest will wait until November. All three One Chicago shows, This Is UsThe Blacklist, and Law & Order: SVU are on the list for November start dates.

All the rest? They’ve being held for the midseason. That’s going to push the midseason shows back, too. It’s certainly going to be an interesting year!

New Amsterdam: Season One

What to expect in New Amsterdam Season 3

Not much is known about New Amsterdam Season 3. At some point, we will get the episode that was focused on the superflu. This episode was supposed to air at the start of the real pandemic, but the fictional elements were so close to reality that everyone decided it was better to postpone it.

The finale was an abrupt ending, although it did work relatively well. We now have a lot of questions, especially when it comes to Max and Helen. Is there a chance the two will get together?

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What do you hope to see on New Amsterdam Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

New Amsterdam Season 3 will premiere sometime in the midseason on NBC.