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New Amsterdam Season 4, Episode 16 return date: When is the series back?

New Amsterdam is back on another break. Just how long is this one going to be? Here’s when New Amsterdam Season 4, Episode 16 will air.

A lot of TV shows went off the air during the Winter Olympics. That wasn’t all too surprising. There was no way any show could compete with the live ratings. And it’s not like NBC could air the Winter Olympics and scripted dramas at the same time.

New Amsterdam was one of the shows on a break. It returned for one week, but it’s back on another break. There isn’t going to be a new episode tonight, Tuesday, March 1.

This break is due to the State of the Union Address. All networks will air the address and most shows are opting only for reruns before the special. However, while most shows will return to normal next week, that’s not going to be the case for our favorite medical drama.

New Amsterdam Season 4, Episode 16 air date on NBC

The new episode will air on Tuesday, April 19. Yes, that is a very long wait for the return of the series.

It’s not clear if this planned break is due to the pandemic or not. We’re seeing a lot of shows take time off unpredictably because of filming delays. It is possible that NBC is opting for another long hiatus to help get filming ahead to avoid breaks in the final run of episodes.

The break is also possibly planned purely to help a new series. Renee Zellweger will star in the new series The Thing About Pam. It looks like a great show, and it’s going to take over the 10/9c timeslot.

This isn’t a sign that New Amsterdam is coming to an end. Season 5 is already confirmed. Take a look at what to expect when the medical drama returns:

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New Amsterdam returns with new episodes on Tuesday, April 19 at 10/9c on NBC.