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Is New Eden real in Snowpiercer?

Layton found out he dreamed up New Eden during Snowpiercer Season 3. Would it turn out to be real in the Season 3 finale?

Caution: There are major spoilers from the Snowpiercer Season 3 finale in this post.

There was a lot going on in the Snowpiercer Season 3 finale. It looked like Melanie and Wilford would team up, but by the end, Melanie and Layton found a way to compromise. It was the best compromise going, even though they both knew they could lose family.

Layton took his followers with Big Alice in search of New Eden while Melanie and her followers remained on Snowpiercer. How did it all work out for Layton?

New Eden is real in Snowpiercer

Did we really think that it would end with no hope at all? With a fourth season planned and confirmed, of course Layton’s journey had to come with some sort of goodness to it. Sure, it looked like Big Alice would come off the tracks. In fact, part of the train did come off the tracks at the most dangerous part, but it was okay.

The temperatures started to climb. Everyone was able to leave the train with just coats on. There was fresh water and ground not covered in ice.

After a season of wondering whether the series was bringing something supernatural to the story or that it was all a dream, we got hope. The world is warming, and now it’s time for Layton’s followers to figure out how to thrive in New Eden.

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Snowpiercer Season 3 is available to stream on TNT for now. It’s on Netflix internationally.