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Is a new episode of Accused on tonight? (February 7)

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Accused is the anthology series to watch right now. What’s going on with the FOX schedule tonight? When is a new episode on next?

If Accused has done one thing, it’s proven to us that court cases and murder trials are complicated. We’ve seen a mixture of outcomes in the first three episodes of the new series, and now we’re excited to see what comes in the next story. Kendall’s story stars Malcolm-Jamal Warner as the person on trial, while Wendall Price plays someone connected to him.

So, will we get to see this story play out tonight, Tuesday, Feb. 7? There is some bad news for those ready for the new episode. It won’t air tonight, and there isn’t going to be a rerun. FOX, like other broadcast networks, will air the State of the Union Address.

When will Accused return with new episodes?

How long is this break going to be? This is where we have some good news. The break isn’t that long. It’s purely about politics and has nothing to do with filming delays.

The series will be back with new episodes next Tuesday, Feb. 14. We’ll get to see what’s to come for Kendall, whether he will be able to prove his innocence or whether he’s going to end up sentenced for his crimes. We’ll also see the story of what happened, including why he did whatever he did.

The series has been great at showing some of the failings in the justice and health systems. We just have to look at Danny’s story to see that he needed mental health help to prevent everything happening. He still needs it now, and not just to be medicated to subdue him.

We also got to see a compassionate side of the justice system. Ava’s story gave us one that involved inclusion and understanding. Ava just wanted to protect a deaf baby but went about it the wrong way. Getting the right defense attorney helped her show who she really was and what she wanted to do for baby Lucie, leading to a heartwarming end to the episode.

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Accused* returns next Tuesday with episodes on FOX in the U.S. and on Global TV in Canada.