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Who was the new Medical Director in the New Amsterdam series finale?

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The New Amsterdam series finale brought us some closure for various characters. It also introduced a new Medical Director.

The New Amsterdam series finale aired on Tuesday, Jan. 17. It brought us an end to the story for the characters we’d come to know and love. It also delivered some reminders of the pilot episode, especially when it came to the new Medical Director.

This woman came in initially in running gear looking for her assistant. It took some time, but we got reminders of Max’s first day on the job with the way he could fit in with everyone to see what all their problems were. These reminders were important as we found out who the new Medical Director was.

Luna Goodwin became the MD in the New Amsterdam series finale

It turned out that the scenes with the new Medical Director were in the future. They weren’t the woman taking over from Max as he went to Switzerland—where he took on a job that would allow him more time with Luna.

Luna had been pushed to one side a lot because of the hospital. In fact, she made it clear she hated the hospital because she would miss the mermaid parade again. However, seeing her dad work and what he did to help people encouraged her to go into the medical profession.

At the very end, we find out that Luna Goodwin becomes the MD at New Amsterdam Hospital. She is very much like her dad.

As for Max and Elizabeth, we don’t get to know if they are together or not. It’s certainly clear that Wilder had an impact on max and Luna, though. During Luna’s speech, she has someone signing. Maybe Luna not being the one to sign is a hint that Max and Elizabeth didn’t get together in the end.

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