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What’s next for Trey in Walker Season 3?

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Walker Season 3 is taking some time off from new episodes, leaving Trey’s fate up in the air. What’s next after that shocking decision?

There was a shocking decision at the end of Walker Season 3, Episode 10. After going through a disciplinary process, Trey discovered he was being dismissed. There were two counts of insubordination, but it’s clear that nobody really expected it to go this far. Even Captain James didn’t seem too happy with this decision.

But that was the decision. We won’t get a new episode of the series until Feb. 16, but it’s clear that we’re picking up straight off the back of the decision. Trey has been fired, and now he needs to figure out what he’s going to do next.

Will Trey get his job back in Walker Season 3?

I’d love to see Walker and Cassie to stand up for Trey, but they have a bigger problem right now. Someone is targeting Cordell’s old unit, and that means Cordell is in direct danger. This is something Trey had started to work out, but nobody is listening to him. It’s time for someone to pay attention.

Could this be the way for Trey to get his job back? Could they find out that Trey’s actions were right after all? Could they realize that he did the right thing for his fellow Rangers? Sometimes, you have to do the wrong thing to protect people.

Maybe after Cordell and Cassie get to the bottom of the current case, they’ll find a way to get Trey’s job back. After all, hasn’t Cordell done worse and gotten away with a slap on the wrist?

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What do you think is next for Trey? What would you like to see in Walker Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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