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What’s happened to [Spoiler] on Wynonna Earp Season 4?

Wynonna Earp Season 4’s premiere was certainly worth the wait. Now we have a big question about one of our favorite characters.

We didn’t like the wait for Wynonna Earp Season 4, but the premiere made it worth it. There was plenty of laughter, drama, action, and more.

It picked straight up off the back from the Season 3 premiere, although there were a few jokes about people taking their time. It was like a connection to the fandom, with Wynonna poking fun at herself and the show poking fun at itself. I do have to wonder if a couple of the lines were added in once production was able to start.

Wynonna thinking about who she is now that the Earp curse is done was a brilliant touch, but she had to remain focused. It was all about finding her sister. And who would be by her side? Nicole Haught, of course. After, you know, punching her in the face for drugging her.

There was hope that with the two of them, the doorway to the Garden would be opened. We had hope that Waverly and Doc would be saved. But then the fight at the compound happened. Nicole seems to have risked her life to save Wynonna, knowing that Wynonna is the one who can save Waverly. We left Nicole falling down the grate and then appearing in the Garden at the very end of Wynonna Earp Season 4 premiere. What does this mean for Nicole?

Has Nicole died?

There’s no way, right? There’s absolutely no way that Wynonna Earp would kill off Nicole. There was already uproar when Dolls was killed, but now Nicole? I just can’t believe that’s the case.

There is a chance that Nicole has died and ended up in the Garden. This would mean Waverly and Doc need to figure out how to save Nicole and bring her back. But something seemed odd about that last moment. Nicole didn’t quite seem herself when she saw Doc.

Sure, she could just be suffering from the effects of dying and transporting to the Garden, but something still seems off. And let’s not forget that the Garden isn’t Heaven. There’s a reason Waverly has been pulled there, and I don’t think it’s because her girlfriend/possible fiancee was going to end up there.

Wynonna Earp Volume 1: Homecoming

We haven’t seen a body

I’m not even sure Wynonna is willing to believe that Nicole is dead. It’s been suggested, but there is the chance that Nicole survived that fall.

Let’s be honest; we haven’t seen a body. The rules of TV say that we must see a body to confirm a character is dead.

The writers aren’t this awful to us, are they? They know what Waverly and Nicole together mean to the fandom. They know that this duo is one of the reasons we love the series so much; one of the reasons we consistently support it. Would the show really opt for following the Bury Your Gays Trope? I don’t think so.

If Nicole is dead, there’s a way to bring her back and it’s linked to the Garden. However, I have a feeling the Nicole in the Garden isn’t our Officer Haught. I think that’s some sort of trap in the Garden and Nicole is alive in the real world.

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