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Why now is the perfect time for a Supernatural revival

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With how popular Supernatural is, it’s certainly not surprising that there are talks of a revival. This series didn’t end due to The CW’s decision. It was an actor choice, as Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were feeling the strain of traveling between Texas and Vancouver every week to get a work-life balance.

During a recent Supernatural* convention in Hawaii, the duo shared their optimism for a revival. Both sound on board with the idea, and this could be the perfect time for it.

Supernatural desperately needs to fix the ending

Fans of the series were not happy with the way the series ended. Had the show ended one episode earlier, there may not have been as much of an outcry. However, Dean dying the way he did and then the lack of former cast members in Heaven (yes, the pandemic had everything to do with that) led to a lackluster series finale.

This is still fresh on the minds of fans.It’s not too late to bring the characters back and fix the ending. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of ways to do that.

The Winchesters made it clear there are options

The CW canceled the Supernatural prequel spin-off series after one season. If that was still on the air, a revival of the OG series may not have worked. However, with the show canceled, it opens the door to bring back beloved characters. It’s not like The Winchesters was short of OG cast members.

The series also brought back other universes. Fans knew alternate universes existed, but they were wiped out as Chuck attempted to get rid of all the stories he told. To make right on the wrong of the series finale, an alternate universe would work well. It could even be in the same universe as The Winchesters.

The Winchesters
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More shows are moving to shorter seasons

Supernatural fans were upset when the show dropped from 22 to 23 episodes per season to 20. This was to allow Ackles and Padalecki to have a better work-life balance, and it also served the story a little. Now streamers and networks are moving to even shorter seasons to help keep costs down. This works for a Supernatural revival.

Shorter seasons allow for a more condensed story. It prevents the need for filler episodes like “Bugs,” and it keeps the intensity of the search and destruction of the Big Bag. The Winchesters showed perfectly how 13 episodes works well, and Supernatural has the opportunity to take advantage of that.

Both actors are on board for a Superntural revival

There is now series without both Winchester brothers. That means Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles need to be on board with a revival, and they clearly are. Their comments were not a “it would be nice, but…” type comments. Both sounded excited about the idea of a revival.

With the two of them putting all their efforts into a revival, fans will tune in. There is the opportunity to get back to the first set of seasons that made the series what it was.

Plus, the cast members are still close with each other. Even if some just showed up for cameos, there are plenty of opportunities to right a few wrongs from the series and capture old and new fans.

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