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Doctor Who Season 13 coming in October, teaser released

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New York Comic-Con is always a great time when it comes to our favorite shows. We get so much news, like the Doctor Who Season 13 premiere date.

NYCC 2021 has not disappointed. After a quiet year, we’re getting a lot of premiere dates and teasers. Doctor Who Season 13 is one of the shows we’ve been waiting to hear about, and we got both premiere date and teaser on Saturday, Oct. 9.

Get ready for a short season that is completely serialized. While previous seasons had have a running arc, they’ve also focused on monsters of the week. We’ve only seen one completely serialized season of the series in the past. This is the first time it’s going to happen in the revival series.

The downside is that it’s a short season. There will only be six episodes to the season. There are three specials coming in 2022. These specials will help to complete Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall’s time on the series.

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Doctor Who Season 13 premiere date

The new season will premiere on Sunday, Oct. 31. Yes, it’s coming this Halloween on BBC One, BBC America, and BBC iPlayer. Like previous seasons, the episodes will be released weekly. In the U.S., the episodes will eventually head to HBO Max, which is where previous seasons are available.

The finale will air on Sunday, Dec. 5. We don’t know when the specials will air, but two of them have already been filmed. We will hopefully get one some time in the holiday season, which has become tradition for the series.

Teaser trailer highlights a new monster

The teaser is out for the season. It makes it clear that something called The Flux is coming, and clearly, it’s a dangerous event. The Doctor indicates it’s bringing multiple previous creatures and monsters with it. It will also bring in something new called the Ravages.

The teaser certainly brings some feelings of the time David Tennant’s Doctor left the video message with a warning. Just who is Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor leaving a message for?

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What do you hope to see on Doctor Who Season 13? What do you expect to see from these creatures called the Ravages? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Doctor Who Season 13 will premiere on Sunday, Oct. 31.