One Chicago shows gearing up for filming in a couple of weeks

The three One Chicago shows are getting ready for filming. One is slated to start in September and the other two in October.

We’re all looking out for when our favorite TV shows will return to filming and then return to air. Eyes are on the three One Chicago shows.

There’s some great news. Deadline reports that the three shows are getting ready for filming. One will return before the other two, but all three are set to premiere in November.

Of course, the dates are tentative right now. We’re keeping an eye on whether certain numbers go up or down to see if filming will still be able to happen. There are a lot of safety precautions in place to help keep filming going as much as planned.

Chicago Med is the first set to return

According to the Deadline article, Chicago Med Season 6 is set to start filming on Sept. 22. For those who are struggling to keep track of dates right now (have we really gone six months so far?), that’s next Tuesday. There’s not much longer to wait.

We don’t know too much about what the season will entail, but just knowing filming will be underway soon is good. It will give some time before the Nov. 11 premiere date.

Chicago Fire and Chicago PD will follow afterward

We’ll have to wait until October for Chicago Fire Season 9 and Chicago PD Season 8. The two shows are set to begin filming on Oct. 6.

It’s not clear why the two shows are returning later. This is likely due to the safety protocols in place to make sure there are no problems with Chicago Med returning first. There’s still enough time to get a few episodes in before the premiere mid-November.

Chicago Fire: Season Eight

Will there be any Chicago crossovers?

There’s usually one big One Chicago crossover most years. Then there are a couple of smaller crossovers now and then. Will this be the case this year?

I’d say it’s unlikely. Due to the safety protocols, the casts of the individual shows probably can’t mix, which will mean the inability to do even the mini crossovers that involve one character from the other shows popping up now and then for individual storylines.

While they’ll be missed, we just want everyone to remain safe.

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The One Chicago shows are set to premiere on Nov. 11 on NBC.