Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD preempted at the last minute

The three One Chicago shows were supposed to air new on Wednesday, Jan. 6. All three were preempted by NBC at the last minute.

One Chicago fans were excited to see the return of their three shows on Wednesday, Jan. 6, bringing an end to a long two-month break. However, at the last minute, all three shows were preempted by NBC.

If you’re looking for new episodes on Hulu, you’ll not find them. All three shows are pushed to Jan. 13.

It’s annoying for fans for sure. NBC preempted the programming for the sake of the live news coverage, looking back at the events at Capitol during the day. While this was an important event, after a two-month break and a promise all that time, it’s only natural that fans are angry with the displacement.

To make many fans even angrier, Canadian viewers had the chance to see the new episode of Chicago Med. The news of the pre-emption came in too late for CityTV to change its programming for that show. Both Chicago Fire and Chicago PD were preempted on the Canadian network.

When will new episodes of the three shows air?

All three One Chicago shows will air on Wednesday, Jan. 13 instead. It will be the episodes planned for yesterday, and the new epiodes will be on Hulu and Peacock the following day.

On CityTV ($), Med will likely air a rerun. Chicago Fire and Chicago PD will air the two new episodes that were preempted this week.

However, there is some more bad news that comes with this. Wednesday, Jan. 20 is the Presidential Inauguration. There will be a break from the regular programming to air that on NBC (and all other networks). While it is likely over by 10 p.m., Chicago PD won’t air new since the other two shows in the franchise aren’t airing new.

When the shows return on Jan. 27, that should be it for breaks for a while. Then it will depend on the number of episodes the production has managed to film and get through post-production.

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One Chicago will return with new episodes on Jan. 13 starting at 8/7c on NBC.