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Only Murders in the Building title explained

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The title Only Murders in the Building seems a little odd for a TV series. However, it is connected to the podcast in the Hulu show.

Titles need to make sense. They either need to connect to something that’s happened in a show or connect to the main character/group. Look at NCIS, named for the team, and Arrow, named for the superhero. So where does the name Only Murders come from?

Did it mean there would only be murders happening in the building? If you thought that, it was close. The show title comes from the title of the podcast in the series.

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Only Murders in the Building focuses only on the building murders

After the three neighbors agree to do a true-crime podcast, they need to get to work creating it. This brings up the question of whether they’ll do two murders in one podcast. There are other murders in New York City, after all.

No, “only murders in the building,” is a line uttered, and it quickly becomes the name of the podcast.

It could cause problems for the podcast later. This is something the characters (well, some of them) want to continue after this initial murder. At least, that’s the way it looks. How many other murders could happen in the building? I’m sure we’ll find that there are a few more before the series ends. Just remember Mable covered in blood at the start of the series premiere.

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What do you think of the show’s title? Did it all finally click into place with the first three episodes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Only Murders is streaming on Hulu with new episodes arriving every Tuesday.