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Disney Pixar’s Onward is heading to Digital and Disney Plus earlier than expected

Missed out on seeing Disney Pixar’s Onward in theaters? There’s no need to feel that disappointment. Onward is coming to Digital and Disney Plus early.

As we all remain in the house and movie theaters remain closed, there’s some good news. Disney is thinking about us. After releasing Frozen II on Disney Plus earlier than planned, the same is happening with Onward.

The latest Disney Pixar movie wasn’t expected to head to Disney Plus until later this year. We weren’t expecting the VOD release for another three months. Yet, plans have had to change with the unprecedented health pandemic.

Onward heading to Digital today

Mar. 20 marks the new release date for Onward. You’ll be able to buy it from 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

There is some bad news that comes with this. It’s only available in the U.S. according to the Disney press release. That being said, it’s possible that it will be released on VOD around the world early. Disney Pixar will just have to work with the distribution companies in those local areas.

Onward: Quests of Yore (Disney Pixar)

Get it on Disney Plus next month

If you want to wait for it to come to a streaming platform, there isn’t long to wait. The animated family movie is heading to Disney Plus on Apr. 3.

Again, this is U.S. only. When Frozen II was released on Mar. 15, it was in the U.S. only. Canadians got the movie two days later. The same could happen here, but there’s no guarantee.

Does this set a new precedent for movie releases?

There are a lot of questions about what this will mean for movies in the future. Right now, I wouldn’t expect a permanent change to the way movies are released. Something to keep in mind is that the 90-day exclusive theatrical window is important for the movie theaters to remain afloat. If all movies were released on VOD just weeks later, who would want to head to the theaters? This is where the production companies make most of their money back, so they need to make sure they respect it.

However, we could see more movies still planning releases during the current health pandemic to head straight to VOD. This is happening with the likes of Bloodshot and The Way Back due to the release dates in the theaters. Other movies like A Quiet Place 2 and Mulan are being pushed back before releasing in theaters right.

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But for those who were hoping to see Onward, there’s not long to wait.

Onward is heading to VOD on Mar. 20 and will be on Disney Plus on Apr. 3.