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Does Osferth die in The Last Kingdom Season 5?

Final seasons always bring some major deaths. Was Osferth’s death one of them on The Last Kingdom Season 5?

The Last Kingdom is one of those shows that is based on books, but not everything works out in the same way. We’ve seen that throughout the first four seasons of the series. Is it really that surprising to find out that the final season made a few changes? And there were some big changes.

One of those was surrounding Osferth’s story. In the book series, Osferth originally joins Uhtred because Uhtred thinks the boy will die in a shield wall. That doesn’t happen, and he ends up killing a Dane warlord. The TV series saw him become more of a friend to Uhtred, Finan and Sihtric. It actually made the events of Season 5 all the more harder to watch.

What happened to Osferth in The Last Kingdom Season 5?

Osferth doesn’t die in the books. Those who had read first wouldn’t have expected what would happen in The Last Kingdom Season 5.

After the deaths of the Christian party heading north, Aethelhelm had his men to blame it on the Danes. They headed to Rumcofa, where Finan and Osferth were with their friends and family. Uhtred and Sihtric were elsewhere. Aethelhelm’s men claimed that Rumcofa was offering safe harbor to the Danes who had killed the Christians, and that led to a fight.

Multiple Danes were killed just for being Danes. Finan and Osferth tried to protect everyone, with Finan’s wife heading to the docks to get help. However, as Osferth faced three men, Finan’s wife was attacked. Finan had to make a choice, and he chose his wife believing that Osferth would have more of a chance of survival.

Sadly, Osferth was stabbed in the side. The fight in the village came to an end, giving Finan the chance to get to a dying Osferth. It was heartbreaking to watch Osferth show his fear of death. He didn’t want to go, but at least he died in Finan’s arms.

It was also heartbreaking for Finan. He partly blamed himself. However, Sihtric, Uhtred, and Finan’s wife all made it clear that this wasn’t Finan’s fault. This was Aethelhelm’s fault.

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