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Outer Banks Season 2 ending explained: What happened to the Pogues?

Outer Banks Season 2 dropped on Friday. Now you’ve had a chance to binge-watch, it’s time to break down that ending.

One of the most hotly anticipated shows of July was most definitely Outer Banks Season 2. Just 15 months after the first season dropped, we got to see how the Pogues would end up back together. It didn’t take too long, and that put them on another major journey that involved a hunt for gold.

At first, it was all about the hunt for the gold from the first season. It eventually moved onto the search for a different type of gold: a gold cross. That was the item in question at the end of the season when we found everyone on a boat in international waters once more.

How did Outer Banks Season 2 come to an end? Let’s get into all the spoilers from the last minutes of the finale.

John B vs. Ward Cameron

Rose drugged Sarah to get her on the boat. When there, Sarah learned her father hadn’t died after all. He’d faked his death episodes earlier after “confessing” to the murder of the sheriff. It was all to protect Rafe, but Ward still wanted his daughter back with him.

When Sarah refused to join her family again, Ward realized that she was always going to choose the Pogues. Instead of giving her up, he started choking her.

Fortunately, the Pogues were on the boat, too. John B got to Sarah in time and got into a fight with Ward. That led to something very similar to the fight between Ward and Big John. Only this time, Ward was the one who hit his head on the side of the boat.

Sarah seemingly gave John B permission to throw her father overboard. John B couldn’t go through with it though.

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What happened to the cross?

Meanwhile, the other Pogues and Cleo tried to get the cross off the ship. Rafe wasn’t letting that go without a fight. So, Pope decide that if he could have his family’s inheritance, nobody could. So, he threw the cross in the ocean.

However, Rafe grabs a rope attached to the cross. The crew on the ship help him get it back onboard. The Kooks have the gold, the gold cross, and a lot of luck still. This distraction does mean that Pope and Cleo are able to get off the ship to the lifeboat.

While there, they’re also able to get Kie and JJ out of the water. JJ had been hit over the head and thrown in the water, but it’s okay. He’s alive!

John B and Sarah get to the lifeboat and they’re able to get to freedom. They land on an island, bringing Cleo officially into the group. Now they just need to figure out what they’re doing next. Are they just going to enjoy the freedom they now have or will they get pulled into the drama?

Who is alive at the end of Outer Banks Season 2?

The biggest reveal happened in the final moments of the episode. Carla Limbrey turns up in Barbados and pays a visit to a very secretive location. She has to show a certain letter to be able to get in.

That’s where we find out that she knows something that nobody else does. John B’s dad didn’t die after all. It turns out he’s still alive, and he wants Carla to watch out for his son.

I guess we’ll need to wait for Outer Banks Season 3 to find out what’s going on there.

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What did you think of the Outer Banks Season 2 finale? What questions do you have for Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outer Banks is available to stream on Netflix.