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Why is Outlander moving to Fridays on STARZ?

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Outlander is on the move for the second time. Rather than airing on Sundays, it will air on Fridays, but why is that?

When we first got Claire and Jamie’s love story, it was on Saturday nights. Then STARZ made some changes. Shows would air on Sundays, and that’s the only day we’ve had original programming since. Well, things are changing again.

When STARZ announced the Season 7 premiere, it came with the news that it would air on Fridays. Sure, we’ve had a one-off episode on a Friday in the past, but that was to bring us a Valentine’s Day treat with the Season 5 premiere airing two days earlier than expected. That is not what is going on here.

Instead, the entire season will air on Fridays. Why is that?

Is STARZ trying something new with Outlander?

It is possible that STARZ is looking to add more original programming. To do that, it needs to air shows on another night. There are only so many hours on Sundays in the year. It makes sense to test out the Friday night timeslot with a show that is already well-watched. Outlander is one of the most popular shows on the premium cable network.

Another reason is that there is just simply too much to put on in the summer. STARZ has Heels, Hightown, and much more to air. If it needs to air a lot more throughout the summer, it would need to put on shows on another night. Claire and Jamie are the best risk as we already know Season 8 is happening (and that it’s the last).

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Outlander Season 7* premieres on Friday, June 16 on STARZ.