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Outlander Season 6 teaser reveals the war is coming

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NYCC 2021 hasn’t disappointed with teasers for our favorite shows. The Outlander Season 6 teaser is out, and it reveals the war is coming.

We knew the Outlander panel at NYCC 2021 would bring some good stuff. We had hoped for the premiere date, but that’s not been revealed yet. The official “date” is still early 2022.

That being said, the panel did bring us some teases of things to come. Many of those teases came from the official Outlander Season 6 teaser.

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A war is coming on Outlander Season 6

The teaser is on the short side, but if it was any longer, we’d complain that too much was revealed, right? One thing the teaser does tell us is that there’s something major coming. War is brewing, which we’ve known about for some time.

Claire and Jamie are caught on the wrong side of history just yet. They need to stay there for the time being, though. They’ll switch eventually knowing what’s to come, but they need to get the timing just right. That doesn’t make it easy watching the lead-up to the war.

And that’s what Claire notices in the teaser for the new season. An announcement about taxes is placed on a board and Claire knows what this means. It’s the taxes that lead to people revolting.

The teaser also gives us a look at a few personal storylines that will happen. There are moments with our favorite couples loved up, but it’s clear that Marsali and Fergus will go through something dark. And we really want to know who that pale hand belongs to (we just know it’s not Fergus’s hand).

As well as the teaser, we got to see the key art for the season. We’re definitely excited, even if it is the shortest season to date.

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What do you hope to see from Outlander Season 6? What stands out in the teaser for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 6 will come to STARZ in early 2022.