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Outlander Season 7 episode count extended

When STARZ confirmed Outlander Season 7, it came with an order of 12 episodes. Things have changed, and it’s now getting extra episodes.

June 1, 2021 came with some mixed news. We learned that Outlander Season 6 filming had come to an end, but we also learned the show would have four fewer episodes than originally planned. Also, those episodes will won’t arrive until 2022.

With the bad came the good. While Outlander Season 6 will only have eight episodes, those four missing episodes aren’t just disappearing. We’re not just getting two thirds of the story. Instead, the four episodes will be added to the next season.

We already know Outlander Season 7 is happening, and it was originally going to have 12 episodes. Now it’s going to be longer.

Outlander Season 7 will have 16 episodes

The four episodes aren’t going to replace four that were originally going to be in Outlander Season 7. Instead, they’re moving from Season 6 to Season 7, with the new season getting extended.

It will now have 16 episodes, which will match the first season’s length. For some this may be concerning. It could be a sign that Season 7 is the last, but it’s also a sign that the writers know they need the time to tell the full story. They don’t want to skimp on that. STARZ is also in agreement that the full story deserves to be told.

Outlander Season 5 DVD ($)

This is one of the most popular shows on the network. Power is possibly the only one that has been the most successful, but it’s hard to tell with the way STARZ doesn’t always release the viewing figures for those watching directly on the app.

We can’t say if it’s the last season or not right now, and that’s not our focus. Right now, let’s just get excited for 16 episodes in Outlander Season 7

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Outlander is available to stream on STARZ ($) in the United States and on Netflix in Canada.