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Where will Outlander Season 7 air in Canada?

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While the first season of Outlander aired on Showcase, the rest of the seasons have aired on W Network. That’s not the case for Season 7.

Claire and Jamie are on the move to a new home, and we don’t mean they’re leaving the Ridge. This is about a new home in Canada when the show returns after Droughtlander.

The first season aired on Showcase, but then it moved to W Network. That’s been its home ever since, with episodes airing on the Global TV App and Stack TV until they eventually went to Netflix. Some of that is about to change.

Outlander Season 7 won’t air on W Network. It’s getting a home that shouldn’t be too surprising.

Where is Outlander Season 7 going to air in Canada?

You’ll need to get the STARZ App to watch each of the episodes live. Season 7 will premiere on there, and that shouldn’t be too surprising. It is a STARZ series after all.

The only reason it hasn’t been on there earlier is due to licensing deals. The company had a deal with W Network. That deal has come to an end, and now STARZ gets to grow its subscriber base by bringing one of its biggest shows to its Canadian app.

You can get the STARZ App in two ways: Amazon Channels or Crave.

There is some great news in this move. There’s no need to wait for it to air at 8 p.m. Episodes will be available at midnight ET on the day of release. There are also no ad breaks to deal with.

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Outlander Season 7* premieres on Friday, June 16.