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Outlander Season 8 officially happening: Is it the last season?

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It is finally official. Outlander Season 8 is going to happen at STARZ. There’s some bad news that comes with the good.

There has been a lot of speculation since the summer of 2021. When Outlander Season 7 was extended to 16 episodes, fans feared the worst. Would it mean that Season 7 was the last? After all, final seasons tend to be extended.

Well, the extension was linked to Season 6 being shortened due to COVID-19 delays and Caitriona Balfe’s pregnancy. It had nothing to do with making the seventh season the final one. We now know that Outlander Season 8 is going to happen, but with that news comes some bad.

Outlander Season 8 is going to be the last

We all know good things have to come to an end. Well, that includes Claire and Jamie’s love story. Outlander Season 8 is going to be the final season.

It will have 10 episodes, which is the second shortest season to date. The good news is there should be time to wrap up storylines since work on Season 7 is still happening.

How long is the last Droughtlander going to be? That’s unknown. So is whether we’ll get answers about the ghost in the pilot episode, which we know is Jamie thanks to Diana Gabaldon sharing that for the book world. Will the show stick to that or come up with something else so as not to ruin things for the book fans?

This is not the first time a series has wrapped ahead of the final book coming out. Game of Thrones fans still know what it was like to see the writers work without a guide by George R.R. Martin. Hopefully, the Outlander writers have learned from that and will talk to Diana Gabaldon about the ending first!

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Outlander* is available to stream on STARZ in the United States and on Stack TV in Canada.