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Outlander share their very first picture of Season 5

The very first official picture of Outlander Season 5 has been released to the world. Get a good look at Claire and Jamie everyone!

Outlander fans have known for some time that production for the Diana Gabaldon series has been underway. Nothing has been officially released from the series, however, at least, not until now anyway.

We finally have something official to look at of the new season and it seems only fitting that it is Claire and Jamie.

Get a good look at the very first official picture of Outlander Season 5 for yourself just below.

As you can see from the official photo. There isn’t much to really take away from it, other than it being an official Season 5 image. It’s certainly great to see our main characters in this up and coming new season, but I can’t tell you anything about what might happen based on the image released.

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Obviously, if you are an avid book fan, you will already know what awaits you in the next season. However, for those of us who look to the official images and promos released for hints and clues. I’m afraid there really is nothing here.

Maybe next time though.

Filming only got underway fairly recently. No doubt, as we get closer and closer to the series moving into the post-production phase, we will get more details released and maybe then we might get a hint or two about what to expect in the new season.

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What do you think of the official Outlander Season 5 image released? Are you looking forward to the new season? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts with everyone.

No official release date for Outlander Season 5 has been announced, it is expected to premiere later this year, 2019.