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Outlander spoilers: Buck MacKenzie’s story explained

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Buck Mackenzie explained how he ended up in the 20th century in Outlander Season 7, Episode 7. Are there any flaws in his story?

It’s natural to not trust characters in Outlander. That’s especially when we’ve come across them before and they’ve done things to hurt our favorites. Buck MacKenzie’s first act was to have Roger hanged by the British after the Battle of Alamance.

Well, it turns out that Buck is a jealous man who acts before he thinks. That doesn’t make him a terrible man. We get to see a very different side to him in Outlander Season 7. This side is protective and kind.

Buck quickly made friends with the MacKenzie children. He was also by Roger’s side when it came to hunt down Rob Cameron and Jemmy. Then there was the way he looked at Rob and noticed that something wasn’t right with him but hasn’t once come onto Bree.

So, how did Buck end up in the 20th century? More importantly, how did he end up in Scotland when we last saw him in the colonies?

Buck and his family left for Scotland in Outlander

Buck explains that after the Battle of Alamance, the MacKenzie family couldn’t make it in the colonies. Morag’s brother had a successful business in Scotland and offered Buck a job. The family headed back over.

This certainly explains how the MacKenzie family ends up back in Scotland. After all, this had to happen eventually with Roger and his father being born in Scotland.

It was on the way to Morag’s brother that they stopped at Craigh na Dun. Buck ended up getting pulled in by the stones and is now in the future by 202 years. He left in 1788, and it’s not clear if he goes back and dies or if he’s just presumed dead because he doesn’t get back home.

The weight of all this plays on Buck’s mind. He has to come to terms with the fact that Morag and his son are dead. Morag was pregnant with another child, and Buck realizes that that child is dead, too. This is something that Bree has had to come to terms with a couple of times now. It’s not easy, especially when you just saw them the day before.

Will Buck go back to his own time? That’s something for the series to tell us when it returns on Friday, Aug. 11.

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What did you think of Buck’s story? Can you trust him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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