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Are Owen and Teddy leaving Grey’s Anatomy?

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Owen certainly landed himself in some hot water in Grey’s Anatomy Season 18. Are both Owen and Teddy really leaving? Will Kim Raver and Kevin McKidd return in the new season?

When it came to the Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 finale, the writers did not disappoint. We got some highly emotional moments, and we got some dramatic ones.

Throughout the season, we watched Owen try to do what he thought was right, and that was helping veterans with little time left to die in the way they wanted. When Owen thought he was going to die, he asked Hayes to continue this, but Hayes couldn’t do it. In the end, Hayes left the hospital so he didn’t have to report Owen and so that he didn’t get dragged down with him.

Well, someone else is being dragged down now that it’s all come out. Teddy is the one leaving the hospital with Owen when the proverbial hit the fan.

Are Kevin McKidd and Kim Raver leaving Grey’s Anatomy?

Things looked to be working out for Owen until a man turned up looking for help. His dying wife wanted to die peacefully, and Owen’s name came up through a mutual friend. When Owen—and later also Teddy—refused due to the legalities of it, this guy went on the attack. If Owen refused to help, this guy would turn Owen over to the cops.

Well, the guy went through with it. He told Bailey everything, which led to Bailey finding Owen and Teddy as they were planning on leaving. Teddy made it clear that she wasn’t sitting around with two kids while Owen went to jail.

At the end of the episode, we saw Owen and Teddy with Leo and Allison on a flight. We have no idea where they’re going, but they have left. Is this it?

This can’t be the end, right? There have to be consequences or at least a storyline that threatens the consequences, doesn’t there? There are no signs that the two actors are leaving the series, so it suggests that they’re on the run for now but that they will be back.

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What did you think of the way Owen’s initiative came up? What did you think of the Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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