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Will Paramount+ save Walker Independence?

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Walker Independence is canceled, but it is being shopped around. Is there a chance that Paramount+ will save the series?

The CW made the disappointing decision to cancel Walker Independence after just one great season. Now Jared Padalecki and co. are shopping it around. While it is a long-shot, there is some hope that a streamer will do the right thing.

Could that streamer be Paramount+? We take a look at why it could work for the CBS streamer to pick it up.

Could Walker Independence go to Paramount+?

Let’s just start with the fact that one of the production studios is CBS Studios. ViacomCBS owns Paramount+, so it makes sense to keep productions in-house. Why put it on another streamer when it doesn’t cost much extra to put it on its own platform and get the subscribers?

Another reason for Paramount+ to take it is that there is already a Western fanbase. Yellowstone is on this platform, and we know Season 5 is going to be the last of that. The prequel shows have been a huge hit and fans are excited to see the new spin-off series that is now in the works. Why not add another Western series to the platform?

Something that works a little against Paramount+ taking it is that it’s not yet a fully international streamer. The network would need to make deals where it doesn’t have a platform, so it’s relying really on the U.S. viewership (and Canada’s!) and that wasn’t the best compared to other networks. We have to remember that it was a CW show, though.

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Walker Independence* is available to stream on HBO Max in the U.S. and on Stack TV in Canada.