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Which part of Fire & Blood is House of the Dragon based on?

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House of the Dragon has premiered, but you’ll want to read the source material first. There’s one part of Fire & Blood to jump to.

Like with Game of Thrones, it’s more than worth reading the source material for House of the Dragon first. You’ll get a better understanding of who the characters are, the House names and sigils, and the conflict to come. The great news for those who are behind on the source material is you don’t have to read it all.

Fire & Blood by George R.R. Martin* is a collection of stories about the Targaryen dynasty. The first part is going to be helpful to understand who Aegon I was and the dragon Balerion. There was also a mention of Prince Maegor, and that could be good to read to understand why the Council preferred a woman over Daemon Targaryen as heir.

However, there’s only one part of the book that this season is going to focus heavily on.

Which part of Fire & Blood is House of the Dragon Season 1 from?

The first season will cover the chapter titled Heir of the Dragon. This is all about the questions of succession, and it starts with King Jaehaeyrs I. This was briefly covered at the start of the new series to make a point that women weren’t favored as the heirs.

Viserys becomes king, but he doesn’t have a male heir. He needs to choose between his daughter and his brother, and he picks his daughter. Why is that? The series explains, but this part of the book also goes into a bit of detail.

You can then move on to Dying of the Dragons—The Blacks and The Greens. This continues the story after Viserys’s death. Just what does happen after his reign comes to an end?

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What did you think of the first episode? Are you going to read the book first? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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