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Is Pelham leaving Firehouse 51 for good on Chicago Fire?

Just as we come to like a new character on Chicago Fire, we lose them. It looks like Pelham is gone for good on Firehouse 51.

Spoilers: There are spoilers from Chicago Fire Season 10, Episode 14.

When Pelham originally joined Firehouse 51, we weren’t impressed. He looked to be another man coming in to cause trouble for the family we’d come to love. However, it turned out that he had a big heart.

It was hard not to cheer when he was offered the full-time lieutenant spot at Firehouse 51. Sure, it meant that Kidd wouldn’t get it, but she’d been ghosting everyone for a few episodes. We weren’t even sure what to think and ended up annoyed by Kidd’s actions.

Pelham even listened to Kidd’s advice when she did return. She was the one who suggested giving Gallo an easy win after him believing that he’d messed up. And for once, Pelham didn’t do the “I’m the lieutenant and a guy so I know better” thing that a lot of other characters have done in the past.

Has Pelham left Firehouse 51 on Chicago Fire?

During the new episode, Kidd decided to go after a lieutenant spot after all. It would take her away from Firehouse 51, but she was ready for it. She’d lost her chance to become the lieutenant of Truck 81, and she wasn’t going to sulk about that.

This is where Pelham’s big heart comes into play. He couldn’t let Kidd go to another firehouse. As much as he loves being at Firehouse 51, he could see that it would be better for her to have his spot. He took the other open one instead.

It looks like this is the last we’ve seen of Brett Dalton on the series. I hope it’s not, though. It would be awesome to see him turn up and offer some help whenever the time comes. This is a guy the firehouse can rely on.

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What did you think of Pelham’s storyline on Chicago Fire? Did you expect him to switch firehouses with Kidd? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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