Will Pelham remain at Firehouse 51 on Chicago Fire?

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Pelham has been offered the full-time lieutenant spot at Firehouse 51, but will he stick around for the rest of Chicago Fire?

Right now, Chicago Fire hasn’t made Brett Dalton a series regular. That’s despite his character, Jason Pelham, being offered the spot of lieutenant permanently at Firehouse 51. Pelham was honored to take it, but it looks like there is a problem.

We already knew that Pelham had landed himself into some trouble. He couldn’t get a permanent position at a firehouse, despite him showing that he is a good firefighter and a good man. After telling Boden the truth, Boden checked it all out and was willing to overlook it. Boden is even willing to face those who want Pelham to remain a floater.

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Will Pelham find himself forced out on Chicago Fire?

There is trouble coming. In an Inside Scoop post, TVLine confirmed that Pelham’s past is going to come back up. It looks like Stella is going to rock the boat a little, too.

There are people high up the firefighter ladder who would be happy to see Pelham remain a floater for good. Now that Pelham has a permanent house, there’s a chance that those people could make things difficult for Firehouse 51, and even Boden. Boden is in a better position to fight back, but could the fight be a little too much?

This could just be one of those storylines that puts Firehouse 51 under some sort of threat. It happens every season, so it makes sense a new character would be a reason for it this time.

We will get to see more about why Pelham was a floater for so long in coming episodes.

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What do you think about Pelham? Would you like to see him join Firehouse 51 permanently on Chicago Fire? Let us know in the comments below.

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