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Prime Video may end up with Wednesday Season 2

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Wednesday has been a huge hit for Netflix. While Season 2 is likely to happen, it could end up on Prime Video instead.

There is no doubt that we flocked to Netflix to watch Wednesday. Some people have watched it multiple times, and there’s no doubt that the dance has become a popular trend on TikTok. Now it’s time for Netflix to renew it already.

It doesn’t make sense that Netflix hasn’t renewed one of its most popular shows. That is until you look at what’s going on behind the scenes. Netflix may not have the opportunity, and we may see the series head to Prime Video instead.

Why could Wednesday go to Prime Video?

It all comes down to licensing rights. While Netflix has the show right now, Amazon has the rights to both MGM and The Addams Family. That puts Wednesday in danger over at the first streaming home.

The Amazon and MGM merger happened back in March 2022. Deadline reported all about it, making it clear that not all content would become exclusive to Prime Video automatically. That explains how the series continued on Netflix even after the merger. It is possible for Netflix to keep the rights to the series, but there will be negotiations behind the scenes for this.

This would be a huge gain for Prime Video. Could it be? We’ll be keeping an eye on this, for sure.

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What did you think of the series? What would you like to see in the second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Wednesday is available to stream on Netflix.