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Prison Break: Wentworth Miller says he is done with the series and we support him

Don’t expect another season of Prison Break. If there is, Wentworth Miller won’t return, and we support his decision.

If you were hoping for another season of Prison Break, there’s a lot of bad news. Wentworth Miller says he is done with the series.

It’s not that Miller doesn’t love fans of the series. It’s just that he’s done telling a straight man’s story, according to TVLine.

For those who don’t know, Miller is gay. He came out in 2013, sharing how being gay made him want to kill himself. It was a struggle to come to terms with his identity, but he had the support of many around him. That included his former castmates.

He still has that support. As soon as Miller said in an Instagram post that he was done with Prison Break, two of his costars immediately had his back. And you can guess who they were right away: Dominic Purcell and Sarah Wayne Callies. Both immediately supported him in the decision despite knowing what it meant for the show and the fans.

Wentworth Miller is sorry to disappoint you

During the Instagram post, one thing Miller did was acknowledge the disappointment of the Prison Break fans. He gets it. You’re disappointed.

Part of the problem has been this hope that the show would return. FOX has routinely teased that another revival would happen. While the execs said there wasn’t a script, they said they loved the pitches they heard.

That was back in 2017 shortly after the first revival. Fans have waited for three years to hear anything, and now we’re finding out that the second revival isn’t happening.

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It is disappointing, but Miller has our support here at Channel Watchers. Straight men’s stories are told everywhere. As a gay man, he wants to tell gay men’s stories. Those aren’t told enough, and there’s more of a push for that now. It’s time to give us those stories, and to have Miller be available to tell them makes it all the sweeter.

I’m not sure many of us really expected Prison Break to return, but this just cements the idea that it’s not happening.

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We wish Wentworth Miller all the best in his career and we’re here for whatever comes next.